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China Garden Landscape Construction Co., Ltd. is a company with two quality-funded construction enterprises, engaged in urban greening, landscaping, construction of ecological landscaping of private enterprises, has extensive experience in the design and construction of the elite team, after years of struggle, and partners get recognized in the industry, and establish a good image. In recent years, the company continued development and success. In adhering to the concept of traditional construction, while construction continued to explore new ideas, it humane landscape idea through the entire construction work zone. So that each project works both natural and ecological unity of the overall image of perfection on.

As a landscape team, the company attaches importance to China Garden a variety of different perspectives and encourage individuals to demonstrate their abilities to play to their creativity....

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Shenzhen greening works in tree planting options?

Shenzhen greening projects, planting trees There are many ways, such as planting, solitary plant, clump planting and so on. Planting trees solitary tree small and multiple choice, or leaf color bright lush flowering trees.

Luxury is no longer a closed-end cell how to do?

"" Opinions "help speed up the progress of the development of residential land to sell, but in the long run, will bring luxury fell to creating a sense of quality, product planning will fully test the wisdom of developers"

"If Tomson to open the cell, I immediately went there that night, barbecue and drink beer, bring tweeter, drinking jump small apple. At that time, I inform you." February 22, in such a piece Some micro-channel group in heat transfer. Tomson Shanghai is famous mansion, currently priced at 180,000 yuan / square meters. Made comments about the district issued 21 triggered widespread discussion.

Tomson Riviera in Shanghai Lujiazui Riverside Avenue. Covering over 20,000 square meters, with a total construction area of over 115,000 square meters, the four extremely luxurious waterfront homes and a senior club composition (Baidu Encyclopedia).

At present, China mainly enclosed urban communities. On the one hand, due to the high population density of urban living, the majority of the volume along with higher rates of residential quarters, security, parking and other aspects of the enormous pressure, had to use closed-end management mode to ensure the safety and comfort of the living environment. On the other hand, past governments tend to sell a large area of land, lack of neighborhood planning system, independent developers to invest in the development of land use rights period, public space and community facilities are owned by all the owners, thereby forming a closed-end management of it.

The "CPC Central Committee and State Council on further strengthening urban planning and construction management" (the "Opinion"), said the new residential neighborhoods to promote the system, in principle, to the construction of closed residential area. And residential quarters have been built unit compound should gradually open to achieve internal roads of the public to address the problem of road network layout, promote land conservation use.

After the "opinions" release, the parties reacted strongly. More than the industry have pointed out that if all the cells open, you only need to buy a cell next to the mansion after mansion can enjoy the facilities, and open for residential property company is also a disadvantage, the property company or no previous big role. Luxury whether the future might reduce the price? Does the company have the property transformation?

Test developers, product planning wisdom

Guo Yi, director of marketing for Asian high on the "First Financial Daily" said the high-end residential community in order to meet the quality of the customer base of buyers, except for some applications inside buildings and sophisticated interior design of high-tech, environmental community also can not create or part of the lack of significant value and exclusive high-quality community environment resources and protect the safety and privacy of the wealth class is the high-end residential community, if the community is no longer the traditional Weiheshi closed, these selling points are likely to be broken.

The current first-tier cities real estate market, especially the high land prices Forced under the real estate market in the new high-end residential projects are under the overall tendency appears, increase the supply of luxury, only relying on the competition of products, quality and service to between projects break the siege in fierce sales competition. Guo Yi is expected, although the "opinions" of the release will encourage Beijing to take expensive mansion prospective developers in the policy vacuum during the landing seize reported compliance, help speed up the progress of the development of residential land to sell, but in the long run will bring luxury fell to creating a sense of quality, product planning will fully test the wisdom of developers.

"" Opinions "Once you start landing implemented, will make public part of the community from high-end to open private, belongs to the private sharing, security, privacy and quality of service are the owners of the common areas can not be guaranteed." Guo Yi said.

Public space U.S. Apartment

E-House Research Director Institute think tank Center Yan Yuejin also told this reporter analysis, said the launch system block residential projects, and the differences between traditional closed community formed a certain extent, housing prices will also follow the formation of new product offerings, etc. Impact. In his view, the biggest difference between residential neighborhoods and closed system of residential projects, is supporting the community gradually equivalent to urban public facilities, which take advantage of some favorable community infrastructure is good, it is possible to maximize the conservation of land .

French Quarter Community System

Evolution towards the direction of conservation land

Yan Yuejin said that such a policy change is to change the gated community of many problems in the past. Gated residential communities such as making a certain extent, commercial facilities and residential facilities isolation, and needs a larger footprint. Through open neighborhood propulsion system, will make follow-up urban commercial facilities and residential facilities can be integrated planning, urban planning and makes the evolution towards the direction of conservation land.

Centaline Dawei, chief analyst believes that the cell is closed for safety, not to mention the road set within a residential district are basically low-speed roads, how to secure open if community residents is a big problem. At the same time, some of the cells do not have the commitment to public road traffic conditions, this part of the cost of renovation and maintenance cost has been high. The reason why the implementation of the foreign block system, it is because residents can legally held firearms and already live in scattered, which is basically the nature of the domestic high-rise residential buildings are completely different.

Block system is a form of urban construction layout, which is characterized by closely integrated residential and commercial, services, facilities which include: banks, supermarkets, shopping streets, restaurants, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, no fences, land State and private ownership of reform and opening up earlier, mostly in this manner.

Advantages block system that urban land utilization, transport facilities, rich urban landscape, combined with a variety of commercial and urban activities closely. Increasing the density of public roads and road network, ease the pressure on urban traffic. But it is used in the residential area of Chinese cities has also created some new problems, such as noise interference in a residential area will increase safety risks, occupant comfort is reduced and so on.

Our reporter learned that the Beijing Silo coastal district is doing a similar pilot neighborhoods, in addition to the country due to the different cultural habits few such cells.

Ouyang Jie, senior vice president of Metro Holdings told the "Financial Times" reporter: "The policy direction is certainly right, realization of internal public road traffic in the city can promote remission, although developed road is not wide, but the road is currently concentrated. our commuter efficiency is too low, affecting labor productivity of the city, if the traffic better, more efficient for the city is very good. However, these reforms also involve property law, and now the public area of the country belongs to all the owners within the cell, how the future management is a problem; in addition, if the future public land area of peeling, which will greatly reduce the income of the land. "

NDRC Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of macro urban transport director Chengshi Dong told the media that, many years ago, experts and scholars in advocating an open community, but because of the greater resistance has not been able successfully implemented. First, in terms of the concept of culture, the impact of urban planning and people's understanding, which is the root of the problem; the second is to sell the land in terms of, it should be small to sell, not sell chunks; Third, security, management and other aspects, "enclosed courtyard management people feel more secure, you need security and property will be relatively small, if you open encounter significant resistance. "

Property management industry faces reshuffle

Yan Yuejin said residential neighborhoods system may also make follow-up project management community housing prices there is a greater adjustment, management partially enclosed residential projects likely to get abandoned for management of open community should accelerate the establishment of follow-up .

Property management will be challenged

Ouyang Jie also said that if the next cell is opened, property security may not be needed, but for the government's public safety requirements becomes high, the government may need to increase investment in security. In addition, the city has become a public cleaning service, cleaning requirements for the city also becomes high.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pan Fantasia Holdings army to accept the "First Financial Daily" reporters, said that the New Deal is expected to break the pattern of the existing area of the community, the community is so large mesh segmentation, the physical boundaries of the community is more fragmented and blurred, but this does not mean community functions and community service needs disappear, but makes the form of community management is more complex, community management requirements greatly improved, while administrative costs will increase accordingly.

"Large residential community is split into a number of small units of physical road, buildings and even sub-monomer, control and security of quality management costs have a greater challenge." Pan Jun said. After opening each building entrances and exits are, we need equipped with at least one security personnel, labor costs and a significant increase. In a residential building 10 as an example, assume that the original only four entrances, in accordance with the mechanism to be equipped with three shifts of 12 guards; after the opening, the original entrance revoked, the establishment of a doorway in each building, you need to add 18 guard.

In his view, the property management industry is facing re-shuffle, the traditional property management agencies face upgrading needs first to complete the security intelligence community and intelligent building property companies to grasp the initiative, on the basis of service operations, based on the search for new sources of profit will be key.

"Block system is expected to be completed in full swing in the coming years, this is a challenge, but also opportunity." Pan Jun said, some of the revenue diversification, community management and intelligent network electricity supplier in the field of community in the forefront industry leaders, policy is expected to lead to seize the opportunity to quickly seize more market share and opportunities.

Townhouse garden layout

Family staff structure determines villa garden layout. If time is particularly tight, no time to take care of the garden, you can simply plant some flowers in the garden villa; there are families with young children in the garden should be avoided and other risk factors for deep water and rocks, set up to put the toy lawn, plant some colorful one , biennial flower and flower bulbs; if there are elderly people at home, we must consider the elderly outdoor leisure habits. If you like outdoor barbecue, you can design a barbecue internet. If we pay attention to some, it can ask a professional designer to design and make a garden. Currently from the private garden style can be divided into four schools: Asian style Chinese, Japanese, French and British European style.

Also determines the size of the area villa garden layout and budget. Especially to buy independent villa, the sales staff will emphasize the villa area, in particular the size of the garden area, which not only reflects the villa quality, grade, also related to the future layout and design of the garden. Villa garden area 50--2000 square meters in size, big gap, because the grade, style, design and planning different.

The size of the garden is an important basis for future design and layout, cottage garden may be suitable for Japanese style, small but no lack of finishing touch, pay special attention to and integration with the building at the time of excessive arrangements Essays. Garden area of 1000 square meters or more, can also be considered the founder of European-style atmosphere.

Villa townhouse gardens most applicable, small in size, shape Founder, owner and convenient design and arrangement, it is easy to make fine feeling; if your home garden area is large enough, such as large area of detached villas, you'll consider Chinese garden style or European style manor effect, a certain amount of planting trees, with different flowers and decorations, can create a private garden space, the atmosphere decent, and very angry An exclusive feel.

Home gardens are open-plan, with eleven community landscape echoes the style and easy coordination, integrated management by the community garden most convenient owners; Weiheshi garden is detached homes, self-care by the owners. Many owners great emphasis on privacy, either garden, intentionally or unintentionally, it will be fenced, divided their own piece of heaven and earth.

General Villa Garden is divided by hedge plant, this plant vitality, variety, according to the preferences of the owner has a variety of options to choose the relatively low hedges, community landscape can still be seen. Of course, wooden fences made of cast iron or also use a wide range of material division, European-style garden in the most applications, a large European-style garden area, installation, use and maintenance of the fence are convenient, so popular. There are many developers in green design, while tall trees planted by community owners to divide the region, this arrangement ensures a good owner's privacy, but for the villa lighting and air circulation have a certain influence .